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  1. I Think some may find this one Hilarious, it's regarding patch 4.0.6 though but some of us may have expirienced almost the same thing on BFA
  2. Of course it would be, if some of the buggs get fixed in the future, why wouldnt it be the best Priv server with BFA content? i mean Literally i've seen that the staff is working hard on fixes, personally i've had a very good expirience with the staff already they helped me alot on my questing content.
  3. Hello thank you for your opinion i would like everyone to subscribe for that so i can take my next step for raiding/pvp mythic keystone runs and such this was my first video I hope i can make firestorm a reality and hope everyone works together into making this server the perfect place for everyone who wishes to play, Have a nice day Telladris Best Regards Cozreborn from Final Reckoning.
  4. Hello everyone i have made a new video on youtube, it is an amateur one however i would appreciate your opinions on this each one of you the link to it is that one Im sorry for the Killing part i was on a quest on Boralus hehehe
  5. Hello there, making a new post, as i need help with something Sadly im having a quest on War campaign named Total Temple Destruction this is the link from wowhead in retail so you can tell for which quest im referring to, so when i took the quest i did click the portal to enter - and then i started to ride Grong, But Grong had no skill bars appeared also the red Arrow button which should most likely exit me from mounting him wont work either - i was forced to die to unstuck myself, thanks for your time please check that out. I Tried everything : 1) Relogging 2) Abandon the quest and relogg 3) Abandon the quest and relogg plus disabling my addons the problem still exists
  6. Thanks for your help, i found a link through a friend ingame - and download a full pack of addons 8.2.0 thank you very much for your time.
  7. Hello and good morning everyone, so far im playing im satisfied with the current content, found a guild, found new friends and im having fun thanks to you So i have a question i tried to change my avatar and it shows my character naked, can i please get some help with that? Thanks in Advance Cozreborn <3
  8. I have searched both of them - and for DBM For example whenever i choose the version 8.2 it still shows that the DBM is for game version 8.3 // that means i can download it and play with it on 8.2? or??