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  1. Title: Tidal Guardians in Nazjatar please! Type: In-game Description: Could you please make Tidal Guardians in Nazjatar spawn? It´s a tamable worm beast (link: and which I want to tame as beast mastery hunter. It should spawn in many numbers (and different colours) in Chitterspine Caverns in the north of Nazjatar (BFA Sethraliss 8.2 content). So please let the Tidal Guardians spawn, At least one at a time so I can tame it. Alternatives of these beasts are "Voltscale Guardian" and "Tidal Cracklemaw". Thank you! [not my own picture]
  2. I heard that the big white water strider Hexapos only spawns at one location in dread wastes (a zone in pandaria). I want to tame it as my new pet so does anybody spotted him yet? If yes, where? Thank you! [not my own picture]