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  1. Title: Greymane PVP Quests Type: Ingame Description: Hello there, I am a relatively new player on Greymane and I really enjoy playing on the realm. I am playing about 3 months actively now, I started on realm launch (used to play more overall, with breaks). Couldn't help myself not to notice that PVP quests didn't change ever since (besides amount of the kills being modified). The biggest problem new players run into now (including myself) is that those kills are only obtainable in Gurubashi Arena. It wouldn't be big of a deal if every player has a chance to get them, population on the realm is relatively low/medium, and teaming in such situations will always exist no matter what. So far from my experience I can tell that only small amount of SAME people are getting quests done. In theory solution is simple, just make quests that would count kills inside battlegrounds instead. I have spoken with a gamemaster named Ursken ingame and he explained to me that it's not possible to make such quest which would apply to battlegrounds because current system doesn't allow it. So my next idea would be : -Add custom type of loot (in form of a token) that would reward reach player after battleground finishes automatically (something like battleground marks), 1 for participation and 3 per win. -Add another battleground quest that would reset on daily basis which requires 30 Battleground Tokens. -Quest would reward a player with : 20 Mark of honor, Glory of the Melee, Sylvanas Gear Loot Box, 1500 Honor Weekly version of the same quest would be cool. This way everyone can participate equally and progress.
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