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  1. Title: Server restarts Type: In-game Description:  Hi, this will be a weird suggestion.. Could you guys consider doing server restarts at different times, not the same every time ? I've logged into Sethraliss four times in the last couple of hours and everytime there is a server restart! This is actually getting annoying considering my game loads for 20 minutes minimal before I can actually play and I have a very limited time to play because I work. Today I didn't manage to get 30 minutes of gameplay and I've been trying all morning... You have players all over the globe, not much but you do, we don't live in the same time zones so it would be fair if you did it some other hours too... for example, I can usually only play in the mornings and the restarts are always at those hours.. I really find this server great, my game runs smootly and I don't have other problems but those restarts are really starting to get to me, I almost deleted the whole thing today. I hope you'll at least consider it. Have a nice day/night and thank you in advance!