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  1. Uhm. Is that addon pack compatible with WoW 2.4.3? If I do a fast search on Google, I can only find ElvUI for WoW 6.x; that means it's only usable on WoD expansion. But you could also check, to be sure, one of the addons in the pack: open the addon's folder, find the file named <AddonName>.toc (where <AddonName> is the name of the addon, for example Cartographer.toc) and search for the line "Interface", that should look similar to: ## Interface: 20400 Which in this case means its made for 2.4.0 version of the game (very near the 2.4.3, so it's ok). To find other addon packs, try sites like and be sure to check the "Files" tab when you selected an addon: there, search for the game version you seek (2.4.3, since you wrote into this section of the forum).
  2. My feedback: now setting a legacy username is "final", in fact after logging out and back in, I can see it's saved. I suppose the username has been written correctly to the db, so I'm quite sure I will be able to login. Thank you.
  3. Adding one voice to the reporters of the issue. Wishing good work to the devs.