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  1. add make some cool mounts u cant achieve like icc gladiators. and so forth
  2. Usually network error is due to Network issues on ur router or wireless stuff. check to see if u got proper cnnection
  3. Ok so this is the most common reason u get the CDNS error when launching It's because of windows defender bugging out and blocking all form ur network to fix simply open CMD by going to start and typeing Cmd second type this in the cmd window netsh winhttp reset proxy hit enter then try to launch wow and see if works Cheers: Foufos(WoD)
  4. thiis is a newer legion img i edited
  5. actually that will not load 32bit as its coded for 64bit launcher...
  6. hi is it possible to load 32bit through the launcher and not 64bit?
  7. this is fake dont msg them..... and all accs effected by bans will be unbanned after admins look into it
  8. not this is a hacked acc and admins are lookinginto it and all accs effected by ban will be unbanned
  9. guy just be patient the admins are looking into it!! and all accs effected will be unbanned
  10. Yes there in Stormwind in Trade Districts near the AH. I mean on Grommash (WoD) there is.
  11. just a little preview hope you all like.