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  1. Yes, I know the consequences of spamming lol and thanks for the reply.
  2. Hey FS community, I have an issue with entering The Gates of Hell raid, every time the enter raid button pops up and I click it, nothing happens!!! Please help. The screenshot is of me pressing the "Enter Raid" button.
  3. Thank you so much
  4. So I just updated to the new patch and first thing I did was see my AP power. Then, I noticed that I needed to reselect a few traits for some reason which I did and then saw that I didn't have enough for the 14 titanic power traits which I previously had. Not sure if this was supposed to happen but an explanation would be nice.
  5. I hope no one is actually sitting at their computers waiting.
  6. I think because of the Boris event, many people now want to play which is a bit hard on the server. That's probably why there is now a queue for logging in. The server most likely crashed so just wait it out I guess.