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  1. Again with Firestorm & their Thi Best servers.
  2. Srsly again & again I think these guys trying to screw Legion server by pissing every single player in it.
  3. Hey out there I dont know whats going on with the developers or gms at firestorm but I really wanna know ONE specific thing - which is - WHY THA HELL DO WE GET KICKED/DISCONNECTED/CRASH every FKING 30SECS. I lost 2 fking artifact Research CAUSE of ur useless crashes - dammit if server isnt ready then inform US, instead of pissing us so freakingly much. Regards Long Time player - Since Elegon Server
  4. Hey Kily it seems like ur ElvUi & TukUi still works. I had to disable mine orelse I couldnt get pass loading phase after logged in and choose char. U know smth or anything about this?