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  1. Im wondering if im the only person who has small delays/lags in arena/bgs/duels. In open world or dungeons i have like 20-25ms but in arena it rises to 100-200. For example: when i try to fight a hunter i need to waste cds to stay on him because everytime i want to use my skills it says "too far away" even when im right behind him. Bladestorm has the same problem... even when im using it right behind an kiting player he just dont get hitted... Is it a problem with the launcher which still could download stuff? I once downloaded the whole mop client so i doubt that. Anyone knows a reason for this? I love this server and dont want to leave it because of an stupid reason like this
  2. Im just wondering why the addon Genie doesnt work. Its just not running but its shown in the addon section at the character selection. http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/genie I used to run the addon Bagnon combined with Genie to sort my bags. Hope you guys can help me Merry Christmas to everyone