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  1. Link - So How Is It ?
  2. How do i open a ticket? If i go to esc-help-open a ticket, it shows me a white window
  3. Hello Firestorm, I did a stupid mistake and left Prince Farondis's body in Azsuna during the quest Save Yourself. Can any gm pls teleport me back to the Hatecoil Slave Pen ? I really want to do the azsuna questline. Name - Saviz Thanks
  4. Hello Firestorm, I recently started playing here again with my brother and got the lvl100 boost from boris. But when my brother tried to get it in a different account, Boris said that he had already used the boost, but he hadnt used it. I created another account to test it and got the same message. Why is that? My brother really wants to get the 100lvl boost from boris