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  1. Hello everyone. I've been playing lately in this server and i noticed something wrong happening in the world chat. Idk if this is the correct spot where to write this report, but lately a warrior "Tuinovv" has been logging in the game just to spam in the world chat racist and hateful words. I already open a ticket some time ago, and I've been told to report this guy in the forum with some screenshots. I took them this time, not many, just a bunch. I hope he gets banned, since he doesn't talk about WoW at all in chat and everyday he starts talking about politics (not related to the game) and is very "controversial" (not to say something bad about his brain status). Also he spreads hate towards people. I don't think I have a screenshots with that sentence, but he said "we should hate women" and other random hating stuff. (i made a lot of typos, i just care about this dude getting banned. hope someone else will reply and write something better than me :3)