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  1. Is there any plan to fix this?
  2. Is it a known bug that my hunter keeps losing her pet? It's highly annoying and I guess I will have to wait until ne fix :-( I do not really want to log off and back on every minute.
  3. I did this quest maybe two weeks ago. It took ages (15 minutes?) of me trying to do this quest right but then suddenly the dragon fell, was dead and the quest completed...
  4. and I would even go so far and wait with levelling my chars until this is implemented...
  5. I have reported two low level quests. Two more were not working one day but did the next day *lol* So I did not report them. I will keep reporting them :-)
  6. Oh perfect. I LOVE to level slowly and enjoy all the quests :-)
  7. Hi, I know you want us to report bugs and that's fine. I'd love to do that. I am just wondering if you are also interested in bug reports about low level quests not working or can I save my time doing that? I have no problem reporting them but only if they help you.