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  1. Oh okay, thanks! I rest my case.
  2. I would like to ask how would I be able to transfer my character to Legion, I've seen in the forums and website that you can. Tried googling, nothing came up. Thanks!
  3. Okay, thanks guys!
  4. Hi Guys! I've hit a problem with downloading through the Firestorm launcher so I might resort to downloading through Blizzard but I've heart that Blizzard's Legion is already at 7.1 while Firestorms only at 7.0.3 My question is will Legion 7.1 work with Firestorm's 7.0.3? Please and Thank you
  5. I'm having the same problem! when I pressed play it sends me to my desktop but the game launchers after 20 mins or so. then when your game is open, only then will it start to download the whole client, but only when the game is open. Im trying to find a fix for this problem though, i might resort to downloading Blizzard's client then transferring it into Firestorm folder.
  6. UPDATE : It seems that my wow.exe has launched after around 20 minutes after I pressed play but it seems that it only downloads the other necessary files whenever my client is open. Is there a way to have it download even without my client to be open? I have really slow internet so its gonna take atleast a few days for me to finish the whole game download. Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone! Thanks for replying. I've done what you've said, still doesn't work. I've deleted the contents of the folder, still doesn't work. and still, whenever I press play it just switches me to my desktop like it's trying to launch Wow.exe but nothing happens. Perhaps waiting for October 31st would help?
  8. Hey guys, so first off as I am returning to Firestorm because of Legion, I went on and downloaded the launcher and after installing, I pressed Legion and had it install in Firestorm directory (I pressed the no button when asked if game is already in folder) and it downloads about for a few minutes about 48mb worth of files and after, the play button becomes available. After pressing play, my Fs launcher gets minimized and I get sent to the desktop. Anyone know whats happening? Thanks. *I do not have Legion on my PC *My process has Wow.exe running but nothing shows up Thanks!