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  1. You just randomly created that data?? or you have something to back it up?
  2. 10.1.0

    Thanks for the update guys. Can we PLEASE have BORIS on lower realms too, i think we just forgot last 2 times & there's has been quite a few things I've been meaning to get on lower realms. Would really appreciate BORIS on lower realms, even if it does mean extra work for u guys.
  3. Aggro is Mine (The Tank Song)
  4. There was a time (Still is BTW) that Pandashan had 5x rep, on MoP realm. On WoD realm, i believe it was 3x, On legion it was 3x for non legion zones, 1x for legion zones, on BFA onwards 1x. So u can see the trend.
  5. Yes. I know 3 friends who have done FULL renown on all 4 without renown shop purchase OR shop gear purchase. Its tedious ofc, but that's what WoW has become, a game viable for someone playing >8 hours a day.
  6. 1. Are u seeing any abnormal connections coming to your PC when the exe is clicked by u? Mostly these are blocked automatically by dedicated firewalls but low grade ones can offer u choice to block or allow. 2. Are u seeing any blocked connections while gaming? norton and mcafee routinely used to show me such during BFA & SL both but now I have dedicated security & they get auto-blocked. IF u do see any such, that means there's a gap that malicious activity is piggybacking on, using exe and/or associated DLL's. The cure: this will be a little tedious >> 1. make sure u have dependable firewall, windows' innate one works fine but I have no idea how these things work over in ur part of world, firewall is more important than antivirus basically. 2. delete WHOLE FS folder, then manually delete everything WoW related in ur registry, also clear ur whole UAC area of WoW related footprint. This generally is under Users/Default/AppData but can be in other places in Users folder. 3. do a thorough antirus clean of ur system including once after a restart. 4. Get FS full client while a dependable security is on. Dont go the launcher route as that can have malicious activity, get zip file & manually unzip. 5. Make ABSOLUTELY sure the new unzipped folder is either in OS drive or if on partition, then partition has priviledges to write a large pagefile to OS drive. U may want to read this > I'm assuming all thru that u have windows and the download wasnt corrupt to begin with, resulting in missing/altered files.
  8. Firestorm | Tracker This is an example of a place where u post bugs
  9. Renown levels are tied to ID, so whole acc on retail. Here that mechanism is OBVIOUSLY not in place. So, when u have lets say X renown on ur main, then u go on alt, get 200 rep to valdrakken on alt, then u come back to main, the whole renown numbers that show AT EACH STAGE of this whole maneuver go wonky. The UI for rep/renown doesn't show correct. Till there is a fix gets in place (if at all, cuz acc bound rep isnt easy to code), u would be well advised to max renown farming on 1 char of acc.
  10. Guys, Can we please have the Intro Teaser/Carousel at the main website landing removed. Its been a while with DF launch & the thing is just an extra hassle when navigating to unstuck or realm status check... Gracias.
  11. Account Suspension Appeal - Firestorm