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  1. The quest has phasing issues, the 2 DH leaders belong to opposite faction, & can even pull u into PvP mode if u affect them with any of ur buffs. The boss is not scaled properly to SL low lvl DHs & attacks with enough damage for her prior expansion versions. She's still doable in 2 ways: 1. go tank mode & use spectral sight the moment she vanishes & go to platform 2. wait for other DHs to arrive for same boss & share kill. If u dont want either of the 2 methods, trek back to where u started the DH zone & there will be 2 portals, SW & org. U will only lose 1 helm mog.
  2. i routinely do it at 17, check ONLY darkmaul, not BFA one, & check only DPS
  3. what lvl are u
  4. What parameters would u like or benchmarks...
  5. Garrison is bugged on Oribos realm.
  6. steadily falling
  8. season 4

    Verbal abuse the against the server and/or the staff is NOT ONLY against the rules, its also very bad manners & basically moronic. This isn't the dead merged server. Everyone plays for free. Arm-twisting doesn't work on game servers, they may/may not work on your parents but details will be revealed when they are AVAILABLE.
  9. only works on chars 49 or lower. Also, most BFA chars boosted in BFA & ported here tend to be ineligible. Chars boosted on Legion (& lower too i guess) & ported here & at 35 ARE eligible.
  10. this is a phasing issue. this Q is notorious for the need of multiple drop/retake, i have myself had to do it 4 times in a row on my DK, thankfully, he is quite un-killable but i can see how this would become a problem fast for rogues or mages.
  11. Some of the SMs work, I know for a fact that hunter class hall one works, i have noticed almost all in argus work, including ships, down in zones. The one on broken shore also work. There might be others that work fine, keep looking, hunter class hall is accessible at lvl 10 if u can find a mage for dala.
  12. Garrison does NOT work on SL realm. Most of garrison works, albeit with a few workarounds, on WoD realm. U can make a lvl 100 on 8th there on same acc, & whatever stuff u collect from garrison (ALL SHIFT-P stuff) will be visible on same acc on SL realm.
  13. Zone out of the map & manually come into the zone again, use the flight option, not hearths/portals. Profession WQs are only visible/acceptable when u r very close. Ive done only LW, chant, herbing & BS WQs i think.