International Moderator Recruitment

This announcement is no longer active






The Firestorm Team is currently looking for Forum and Discord Moderators to reinforce its ranks.

It is possible to apply for one of the two platforms only.




Who are we, what are our jobs?

The moderators are the people mainly in charge of monitoring the Firestorm forum and the International rooms on the public Discord. They have almost no power in game and will never intervene in game (except in very exceptional cases).

They monitor the forum in terms of its content, moderate, warn and sanction people who do not respect the rules.

They also provide assistance to players and respond to those who encounter problems.




How to apply ?

Applications should be sent to the following address: >> <<

The subject of the email must start with the [Mod] tag.
A minimum of information is to be provided when applying. It goes without saying that two lines to say that you are motivated will not be enough.
We expect from you in this application an expression and development of your experiences / knowledge / personal information.

If your application interests us, you will be contacted automatically by Discord or by email for a possible interview and then a test period will follow, the duration of which will depend entirely on you.

Please indicate your firestorm account email as well as your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.

Are required in your application:

  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Impeccable spelling.
  • Know how to use a forum correctly.
  • A minimum of knowledge on WoW.
  • Being able to keep your cool, have rigor, regularity and autonomy.
  • Discord & a functional microphone to facilitate intra-staff communication.

Will be a plus for your application:

  • Relatively wide schedules.
  • Have already been a moderator on other forums or other discords (if so, indicate which ones).
  • And what you may find interesting to highlight.


Please indicate your nickname on the forum and that of discord so that we can look at your background and your behavior there.



The Firestorm Team thanks you for your future involvement.

See you soon.