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discord Discord Rules

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Important notes



  • The rules are subject to the approval of the Administrators, who may at any time decide together on any amendment to the said rules or a single sanction against a third party, if necessary
  • You have to follow the rules and that means you guarantee not to post any obscene, vulgar, sexually oriented, hateful, threatening, or illegal messages
  • The instructions of the Moderators and the Game Masters must be followed at all times by each member joining us.
  • Do not send any content includes; promotion sites, organizations, or any medium offering links to sites requesting donations or support per non-monetary action. While Firestorm understands that many good causes deserve our support because of the potential for scams or debates, we do not allow this type of content.
  • The sale or exchange of virtual goods on the servers as well as on the Discord of Firestorm, for real money or any means of payment is strictly prohibited and will be permanently sanctioned.
    The only place and means of payment is only through the Firestorm shop.



Politeness and Behavior 



  • Racism and Discrimination: Any kind of remark deemed as racist or discriminatory towards a race, skin color, culture, country, or sexual orientation is not tolerated, avoid it at all costs, whether you're joking or not.
    • Punishment: Mute to permanent ban.


  • Erotic and Pornographic material: Any kind of erotic or pornographic material, such as pornographic comments, links to pornographic websites and images and such should also be avoided whether you're joking or not.
    • Punishment: Mute to 7 days suspension, permanent in serious situations.


  • Insulting other players, making comments related to terrorism, drug use or sale, advocating terrorism, genocide, tragic historical events etc...
    • Punishment: Mute to permanent ban in extreme situations.


  • Advertising for servers: Advertise for other private servers or Discord via private message or any public channel.
    • Punishment: Permanent ban.


  • Inappropriate pseudo discord.
    • Punishment: Rename with warning to permanent mute waiting for change.


  • Inappropriate Discord status or game activity.
    • Punishment : Warning to temporary suspension till you change it.


  • Saying you are a friend of a staff member to get any kind of advantage.
    • Punishment: 1 day suspension to permanent ban.


  • Disrespecting the members of the Firestorm Team.
    • Punishment: Mute to 7 days suspension, permanent in serious situations.


  • Harassment towards players or staff members and/or disclosure of personal information.
    • Punishment: Mute to permanent ban in serious situations.



Channel rules



  • Speaking in another language which is not English in English channels will be punished.
    • Punishment: Warning to 30 minutes of mute.


  • Spam/Flood: Spamming or Flooding channels may be deemed as annoyance, so refrain to do so
    • Punishment: Warning to 30 minutes of mute.


  • Abuse of capital letters, symbols.
    • Punishment: Warning to 30 minutes of mute.


  • Off-topic in Technical support / Group search channels.
    • Punishment: Warning to 60 minutes of mute.



Firestorm Staff Team.


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