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Hi there! I am playing on this server now for quite a while, and i have to say i really appreciate your work and the stability it brings. Only sometimes a minor issue occurs, which is kind of still doable and doesnt hinder my play flow.


So today i wanted to grind me a sweet "Pterrodax Egg", a quest starting Item, which yields an epic mount, after quite a while. As i didnt want to go blind into it, i asked in the discord support channel if its implemented yet, which is sadly is not.

Is there any way this item could come into the game? It is an 8.0.1 item so it shouldnt be a problem patch wise. 

This is a wowhead from the said item:

I would love to get some feedback from you.

Greetings, and keep up the great work and support! 

- Deepsy


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Greetings @Psybert,

In-game bugs are not being handled through forums. I suggest reporting the bug on our bug tracker. Click here to make a report.

Kind Regards,
Forum Moderator Miolaro.

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