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  1. Glad you fixed your problem , and gave a solution to other players too!
  2. I would suggest to create a manual account security assistance team.
  3. Furrrrrrchtlos, kek :`)
  4. Niemand hat gesagt das ihr eure Regeln nun ändern sollt oder? Also komm mal wieder runter von deinem hohen ross. Es ist einfach fakt das ihr sagt alles unter 25 (vorher) nun 22+ ist grenzdebil eingeschränkt. Und zu deinem Argumenten könnte ich auch jenes einfach außerkraft setzen. Sagen wir mal ein 16 Jähriger kann sehrwohl mehr ahnung vom Leben haben als ein 35Jr. Wenn man noch mit 35 bei mutti sitzt und h4 kassiert z.B willst du mir sagen das er lebenserfahrung hat? Es ist euer ding, niemand kritisiert euch jedoch ergibt es in meinen augen kein sinn. Davon mal ab ist der Post auch im Falschen bereich, schätze dich glücklich das wir kein Deutschen mod haben :^)
  5. check your account logs here: Probably if he knows your email/password you should see if someone logged into your account.
  6. Und wo genau liegt der unterschied zwischen 20 und 22+? Ist ja schön und gut mit älteren zu Spielen jedoch 22+ klingt einfach so falsch. Als ob ein 22Jähriger reifer ist als ein 20Jähriger, sind auch nur 2 "level" mehr nicht.
  7. Blizzard doesn't care if u tell them. Also there was no reason for shutting down a 200ppl Server. In my eyes its clearly that they gave up , on trying to increase their ppl rate.
  8. Everything takes time, so i think if they take their time to fix various summon stones from starting zones to end zones it will be fine. But fixing them for - never - its obviously shit. And the reason, cause VIP is even more shit.
  9. WTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTF IT WOULD BE UNFAIR TO VIPs? WTF Summonstones are something which is ingame for YEARS And its kinda lame to run always / fly always. Why the fuck, they wouldn't fix summonstones? Cause they got instant flypaths? seriously?
  10. Greetings Firestorm, aswell FSCommunity. This time i'll try not to be toxic and try also to discuss this. In short let me explain what happend, a few days ago i put 2 AK notes to work. Everything went fine, mine was today finished and read to pickup. The server crashed and my AK was gone, like before i lost 2 AK notes, now again one. Artifact Knowledge is one of the main things in legion which helps us to get faster Artifact Power. So, i decided to contact an Admin, It was Ouroboros. So, i want to know if i am really the only one with the problem losing AK. I think its fine to put them into the shop, but its not fine that we have to wait 8-10days as normal, player and wasting those time for nothing. In fact Firestorm knows about the issue, but they are not willed to help us restoring the AK. I think since AK/AP is a main thing they should atleast provide us for that restore options. I'm not one of the players which screenshots all / everything he got/lost. But i think its kinda unfair. In this case i would like to hear the communitys opinion and what do you think about restoring our AK. So far, Treckie.
  11. Also don't have a 4k Monitor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But the framerate dropped sometimes to 25fps - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ anyways it looks good!
  12. any E.T.A for 7.1.5?
  13. NOVEMBER 26, 2016 20:36:30 - The report from Paladin Tank trait : Bulwark of Order Still not fixed. Its getting triggered by everything, it doesn't absorb anything. Fix this shit.
  14. Back on WoD it worked got all those titles on my toons too.
  15. I'll prefer here the following stats too: Versa > Crit > Haste > Mastery. Why Versalitiy? Simple, it fits better and scales better. Mastery & Crit is shit af. Since Mastery here is still broken and not scaling well, u should head for Versatility.