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  1. Greetings, players! In this guide, we will walk you step by step through how to merge your Freakz account with your Firestorm account. Bear in mind that this process is final and can not be undone, so make sure you are merging the Freakz account with the Firestorm account you want! Merging your Freakz account to a Firestorm account is very important, as it will allow you to connect on the webpage to be able to manage your account (change credentials, etc...), sync the account with the forum and even access the website shop to be able to use all of our services (such as character renames, race, and faction changes, restore deleted characters, etc...). When merging the Freakz account with a Firestorm account, nothing will be lost: all of the progress of all the characters and the account (including achievements, mounts, pets, titles, transmogs, appearances, etc...) will be merged! The page to merge your account is this one. You may manually browse it by going to this part (either having an account or not): When going inside, you will see this page: 1) You need to input here your Freakz account username. Bear in mind that this is not your Freakz account email address, but rather the actual username you had. 2) You need to put the Freakz account password here. 3) You need to put the Firestorm account email address here. However, for this case, we are going to meet 3 different scenarios: If you already have a Firestorm account, and you are connected with it, then this field will be already filled with your Firestorm account email and can not be changed. This means that you will merge the Freakz account directly to your connected Firestorm account email. If you already have a Firestorm account but are not connected with it, then you will be able to enter your Firestorm account email here in order to merge the Freakz account to the specified Firestorm account. If you don't have a Firestorm account, then you need to enter here the email address that you want to use to create the Firestorm account. 4) Click on the Send merge request button. This will check the credentials and availability of the entered Freakz account and password. If the credentials are not correct (wrong username and password), then an error message will be displayed: "Invalid credentials for this Freakz account". If the credentials are correct, but the Freakz account is permanently banned, then another error message will be displayed: "This Freakz account is banned". This is final and no accounts will be unbanned. If the credentials are correct, but the Freakz account was already merged to a Firestorm account, then the following message will appear: "The Freakz account you're asking to merge has already been merged". If the entered Firestorm account email belongs to a permanently banned Firestorm account, then the message will say: "This Firestorm account is banned". No Firestorm-banned accounts will be allowed to merge with a Freakz account. If the entered Firestorm account already merged a Freakz account, then the page will display the message: "This email is already in use". However, if everything was correct, then the page will change and show the following message: After that step, we will go to our email inbox, as mail will be delivered there. If you already had a Firestorm account, and you were connected with it, then this button will complete the merge process, and from that point, everything you had on your Freakz account (characters, account progress, and shop balance) will be added to your Firestorm account. From that point, you will need to use your Firestorm account email address and Firestorm password in order to play with your Firestorm and Freakz characters. If you already had a Firestorm account but were not connected with it, then this button will ask you to enter the Firestorm password of the specified Firestorm account email. If successful, then the merge process will be complete, and everything you had on your Freakz account (characters, account progress, and shop balance) will be added to your Firestorm account. From that point, you will need to use your Firestorm account email address and Firestorm password in order to play with your Firestorm and Freakz characters. If you don't have a Firestorm account, then this button will ask you to enter the desired password for the Firestorm account. After doing this, the process will be completed, and your Freakz account will be converted into a Firestorm account. All of the progress you had on Freakz will be added to your newly created Firestorm account, and from that point, you will need to use your Firestorm account email address and Firestorm password in order to play with your Freakz characters. NOTE: If you didn't receive the mail in your email inbox, the problem could be one of the following ones: The entered mail belongs to Microsoft. Many Microsoft domains (Hotmail, Outlook, etc...) are unable to receive our emails. We advise you to change the mail of your Firestorm account to a different domain (like Gmail) to complete the merge process. Your mail provider is blocking our sources. You should be able to unblock them from your mail preferences. You can also change temporarily the email address of your Firestorm account to a different one, then process the merge, and then change back your Firestorm account email to the one you had before.
  2. Greetings, players! The server merge has been completed! A guide was created with further information about the merge process itself, which can be seen here: Since both servers were using the same content and were under the same patch, it was deemed a good idea to perform this merge. This way, both player groups will have the same item level and gear, with the added advantage of being together, which means more friends to find, more foes to fight, and more adventures to have! HOW TO JOIN OUR SERVER On our webpage, players will be able to use the option Merge Account to be able to merge their Freakz account into Firestorm (or even to turn their Freakz account into a brand new Firestorm one)! By doing so, all the progress, including characters, mounts, toys, transmogs, titles, pets, achievements, etc... will be added to their Firestorm account, and all of the character progress, including character-bound features (titles, mounts, etc...) will also be transferred! This will also include the store balance left and deleted characters. However, Freakz users will also be able to play on Firestorm without the need of merging their accounts, and even without having to update or change their game client! They will be able to use their Freakz username (not email) and password to connect using the Firestorm client (or even their previous WoW-Freakz client), and they will be able to access everything they had! Not only that, but they will also be able to gather Loyalty Points through Jeanne and even spend the Loyalty Points and the Donation Points converted from their Freakz account in the in-game shop to purchase gear, mounts, transmogs, and more! Note that they will not be able to use the Firestorm shop, as the shop still requires them to connect to the website to access it. Without a Firestorm account, Freakz players won't be able to use our website features (such as account management, update credentials, etc...), so we advise them to merge their account to a Firestorm account (even if it's a brand new one) so they can unlock their true potential! About the guilds, everything will also be merged, including guild member rooster, guild bank, gold, achievements, level, and progress. Nothing will be lost! REPEATED NAMES AND GUILDS Regarding characters having the same name on both Freakz and Firestorm, and guilds having that same problem, we will follow the following rules: - Character names: we will give priority to those that are level 60. If both are, then we will give priority to the character that is active (connected at least once in the last 60 days). If both are active (or inactive), we will ultimately decide on total playtime. The character who doesn't get the priority will be renamed to "#rename" and will be given a free character rename. Note: All permanently banned Freakz accounts will still merge, but all of the characters will be automatically renamed into "#rename". - Guild names: we will give priority to those whose guild master is active (connected at least once in the last 60 days). If both guilds are active, then we will ultimately decide by total member count. If both guilds are inactive, then we will put an extra tag on the guild that comes from Freakz. As an example, if the guild is called "Warriors", then the Freakz's guild would be called "Warriors - Freakz" instead. If the active guild is from Freakz instead, then the other guild would be called "Warriors - Firestorm". The guild master of the non-priority guild will be able to redeem a free guild rename through Shop Support, so they can rename their guild for free! (Only if the guild contains "- Firestorm" or "- Freakz"). Finally, we would like to welcome every new Freakz player to our server! We really appreciate the fact that you have chosen us, and do not forget that our entire Game Master team and our Developer team will be here to give you the support and to provide the quality that you all deserve! We hope everyone has a great week, and welcome Freakz users!
  3. Hello everyone! If you read our announcement about Sethraliss’ 3rd content update, you’re aware that for a little while now, we started working on the development of 8.1 content on a 8.2 client. At first, only a few devs were assigned to it, but now almost all of them are working on it, which also explains why our 8.0 development is lighter now (less tickets in the live changelog is one of the symptoms). In that last announcement done in July, we mentioned that we were aiming for a release mid October: we’re halfway there, so we figured it would be a good time to share with you our progress and aims for the release! The ETA of the release is now the end of October (just a slight delay in 2 months worth of development). In the meantime, we’re still taking care of Sethraliss and making sure our 8.0 version is stable, don’t worry! A few developers are still monitoring it and making sure the important issues are addressed (major spell bugs, main questline / Uldir issues, etc). As we said before, the client itself will be an 8.2 client (the latest we can), but the content we are scripting is the one directly following what you currently have on Sethraliss: 8.1 questlines, zone & raid. We do not wish to skip anything from the content part, but having an 8.2 client will allow us to keep on scripting up to 8.2 without having to update the client again, which is a huge gain of time for us. So do not worry, you won’t miss on anything BFA has to offer! For those that remember our Legion’s development, we did a similar thing when updating our client from 7.1.5 to 7.3.5, without skipping any of the 7.2 content. One thing worth mentioning though is the class balance that will be taken from 8.2 right away when the 8.2 FS client is released. We’re aware that this means you won’t be doing the content with its related balancing, but there are several reasons that made us stick to this choice (again, the same way it was done on Legion): It drastically reduces dev time: between each game version, a lot of balance changes are done, including removal & addition of new traits or spells: Altering one spell for 8.1, and then again when we’d get into 8.2 content would take twice the amount of time. In essence, later versions are often “better” balanced than earlier ones: some bugs or unintended features are fixed, and the strongest classes are usually slightly nerfed while the weakest are buffed, which leads to a healthier state of the game. That point is up for debate, we’re aware, but it still explains why we also believed this was a good approach. For a few weeks now, our Quality Assurance team is focussing on making reports of class changes, and our developers are fixing them. On the side, some QA members are testing the next raid, Battle of Dazar’Alor (most bosses have their main script done, and require feedback for adjustment). As a reminder, you can apply to join our Quality Assurance team and help us bring out the best release possible here! Here is our developer assignment at the moment: 1 dev on Sethraliss monitoring & major bug fixing 3 devs on BoD (one per wing, so 3 bosses each) 2 devs on class fixing 2 devs on the continuation of the war campaign (one for each side) 1 dev on Darkshore 1 dev on PVP invasions Also, as you may have seen for the past months (and still ongoing) we have a few developers that work on low-level zones or older expansion questlines: Gilneas & Kezan have been rescripted, Elwynn Forest is on the way and we also have a developer working on WoD’s main questline: the idea is to then rescript fully a “leveling route” that will allow you to level up from 1 to 110 as easily as you can level up from 110 to 120 on BFA’s questlines. This means, broadly, scripting 1 zone of each level range available where every race can go without too much effort. Now for the more detailed list of what’s planned on our 8.2 client release! Currently on Sethraliss, every 8.0 content short of the Island Expeditions are available. We know we announced them a while ago, but their development got delayed: rest assured, one of our developers is working on them at the moment, and 3 islands should be available at the release! As usual, when doing a client update / new expansion release, a Public Test Realm will be set up so players can test the new contents. 8.2.0 release content at launch: 8.2 Class balance 8.1 War campaign continuation New allied races / Kultiran / Zandalari 1st wing of Battle of Dazar'alor New endgame zone Darkshore Siege of Boralus and Kings' Rest available on Heroic difficulty. PVP Invasions Azerite gear Vendor New Azerite traits Then, from there on we will script content as it was released on retail: 2nd and 3rd wing of BoD, then the full Mythic mode, then the 3rd Raid Crucible of Storms alongside its quests, and finally 8.2 zones. As you noticed, we plan on releasing BoD wing by wing (like we used to on Legion) and not fully at once as we did with Uldir. We initially thought that releasing the raid all at once would help deliver a better experience for players, and this point still stands; but what we underestimated was the impact in terms of workflow: It’s harder to test all the bosses at once for the QA, and harder for the developers as well, who have to make some bug fixes as long as 3 months after the boss was released. On top of that, we saw on Uldir that only a few guilds actually profited from the full release, as most were progressing (in HM at least) at a pace close to 1 wing / month, which is what we plan on doing on BoD. Easier to test & to fix means higher quality, to the “price” of quantity. We thought we could manage it on Uldir, but it wasn’t really conclusive so we’re switching back to the old, more manageable way! FIRESTORM Q&A It’s been a while since we gave you guys the chance to ask us about Firestorm, and the 8.2 client update sounds like a great opportunity! On Tuesday, October 1st 6 PM Server Time, we will be hosting a Questions & Answers on the public discord! Its system will be the same as the previous times: We’ll unlock a channel for you to post questions, then lock it and take time to answer them: there will be about 5 or 6 rounds. Please read carefully everything in this devblog to not waste questions on stuff that we already explained! EDIT: Transcript of the Q&A available here! Thank you for your time! We hope this will shed some light on the 8.2 client update! The Firestorm Staff
  4. Greetings! We hope you are having a nice summer! We made some changes to the shop, with some tweaking and additions. While this mostly concerns BFA, every expansion's shop got at least a little something! Let's start off with the BFA exclusive changes: All items in the shop that were still sold as 340 ilvl got updated to 395 ilvl. Some loots from World Bosses & PVP gear that were missing from the shop got added! Lootboxes prices have gone down by 10 Points per lootbox (Mythic dungeon ones at 20, Uldir ones at 30 / piece). New BFA Mounts have been added! They'll be present under the shop category "BFA Mounts". A new category has been added on the BFA shop as well: Upgrader items. Inside, you will find several different 'Upgraders': Tertiary Stat Upgrader (Leech, Speed or Avoidance): Allows you to add a tertiary stat of your choice on an item. Prismatic Socket Upgrader: Adds a prismatic socket on an item. Azerite Booster: Puts your Heart of Azeroth to level 35, unlocking every traits threshold for 8.0.1 content. ilvl Boosters (available in 2 versions: +5 & +15): increases the ilvl of the item you use it on. Only the +15 can be used on Azerite Gear, and none of them can be used on the Heart of Azeroth. You are still limited by the realm ilvl cap. We also heard your complaints that nothing really worth it is available in loyalty points outside of character changes (rename, race / faction change) right now. So we decided to include in this update some new loyalty points purchase options, on 3 specific things: Mythic Dungeon lootboxes (ilvl 365+) Tertiary Stat Upgrader (all 3 different ones) ilvl Booster +5 We hope that with those additions, retrieving your loyalty points daily feels more rewarding. As for the changes regarding all expansions, we reviewed Mounts pricing and downscaled them (a mount that costed between 300 & 350 points before now costs 180 points for example). On top of that, now all mounts in the shop can be part of the weekly promotion (roughly 25% discount). You can check the Firestorm shop through this link. We hope you'll enjoy those changes, and wish you a nice summer end! The Firestorm Team
  5. wod

    The current season on our WoD realm will end on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 10:00 AM (server time). The new season will begin on the same day and last approximately 6 months. Conquest points will be reset when setting up the new season. The award distribution will happen at the same time and only available for 2v2 since the 3v3 ladder was inactive. The rewards will be distributed to 2v2. Here are the level of rewards: Top 1 to 7 (minimum 2200 rating): Primal Gladiator, http://wowhead.com/achievement=9232 and the mount http://wowhead.com/item=128277. Top 8 to 15 (minimum 2100 rating): Gladiator, http://wowhead.com/achievement=9239 and the mount http://wowhead.com/item=128277. Top 16 to 30 (minimum 2000 rating): Duelist, http://wowhead.com/achievement=9240. Top 31 to 50 (minimum 1900 rating): Rival and http://wowhead.com/achievement=9241. Top 51 to 75 (minimum 1800 rating): Challenger and http://wowhead.com/achievement=9242. We will also be banning and removing players who have been win-trading during this season. Please remember that you must have at least 50 matches during this season in order to be eligible for rewards. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  6. legion

    The current season on our Legion realms will end on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 10:00 AM (server time). The award distribution will happen at the same time and each realm will independently receive a reward. The new season will start immediately after the season 5 ends. The rewards will be distributed to 2v2 and 1v1 regardless of the factions nor the realms. The ladder 3v3 was too inactive and therefore it's excluded from getting rewards. Here is the level of rewards for 2v2: Top 1 to 7 (minimum rating: 2300): Fierce Gladiator, http://wowhead.com/achievement=12010 and the mount http://wowhead.com/item=141847. Top 8 to 15 (minimum rating: 2200); Gladiator, http://wowhead.com/achievement=12045 and the mount http://wowhead.com/item=141847. Top 16 to 30 (minimum rating: 2050): Duelist, http://wowhead.com/achievement=12034. Top 31 to 50 (minimum rating: 1950): Rival and http://wowhead.com/achievement=12035. Top 51 to 75 (minimum rating: 1850): Challenger and http://wowhead.com/achievement=12036. Here is the level of rewards for 1v1: Top 1 to 7 (minimum rating: 2150); Gladiator, http://wowhead.com/achievement=12045 and the mount http://wowhead.com/item=141847. Top 8 to 15 (minimum rating: 2050): Duelist, http://wowhead.com/achievement=12034. Top 16 to 30 (minimum rating: 1950): Rival and http://wowhead.com/achievement=12035. Top 31 to 50 (minimum rating: 1850): Challenger and http://wowhead.com/achievement=12036. About rated battlegrounds, (http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=12037/hero-of-the-alliance-vindictive / http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=12041/hero-of-the-horde-vindictive) will be given to for the top 1 to 10 players by their faction. We will also be banning and removing players who have been win-trading during this season. Please remember that you must have at least 50 matches during this season in order to be eligible for rewards. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  7. The current season on our MoP realm will end on Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 at 10:00 AM (server time). The conquest points will be reset when the new season starts, so you will have to spend them before the season ends. The award distribution will happen at the same time. Titles from the last season will be removed for those who aren't eligible, except the Season Gladiator one. The rewards will be distributed to 3v3. Here is the level of rewards: Top 1 to 5 (minimum 2100 rating): Title Relentless Gladiator, achievement http://wowhead.com/achievement=3758, the mount http://wowhead.com/item=47840 and 100 Firestorm Points on their account. Top 6 to 15 (minimum 2000 rating): Gladiator, http://wowhead.com/achievement=2091, the mount http://wowhead.com/item=47840 and 50 Firestorm Points on their account. Top 16 to 30 (minimum 1900 rating): Duelist, http://wowhead.com/achievement=2092. Top 31 to 50 (minimum 1800 rating): Rival and http://wowhead.com/achievement=2093. Top 51 to 75 (minimum 1700 rating): Challenger and http://wowhead.com/achievement=2090. About rated battlegrounds, Hero of the Alliance (http://wowhead.com/achievement=6942) / Hero of the Horde (http://wowhead.com/achievement=6941) will be given to the top 10 players in rated battlegrounds who have won at least 50 games during the season. We will also be banning and removing players who have been win-trading during this season. Good luck and congratulations to all participants.
  8. General Collision detection improvements. Resolved an issue where sometimes transmog data would not show up in an item’s tooltip. Fixed the follow distance of summons. Guardians and pets should now properly inherit 100% of the owner’s haste and critical ratings. Being in confused state while knocked back will no longer result in jagged movement. Raids and dungeons Resurrecting while in a raid while an encounter is in progress will put you in combat. Fixed the bonus roll exploit with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=110909. Added a cosmetic correction to bonus roll UI. Raid buffs should no longer affect players’ summons. Add additional checks for maximum amounts of players inside instanced maps. Fix Master Loot exploit with new raids. Siege of Orgrimmar: Adds: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=72455 will no longer instakill players. Malkorok: Fix issue where the boss would become dummy in the presence of a priest with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=142861. Fix dummy-like behaviour with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=142861. Fix combat exploit. Thok the Bloodthirsty: Fix combat exploit. Paragons of the Klaxxi: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=143977 will no longer apply http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=143979 multiple times. Fix bonus loot pool. Garrosh Hellscream: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=144585 will now only proc on interrupts. Normalized damage of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=72356. Fixed the amount of missiles for http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=147035. Corrected the add spawn positions of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=147035. Scarlet Monastery: Scripted and loot corrected for the following NPCs: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59705 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59706 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59722 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59746 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=60033 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58590 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58592 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58555 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58569 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58605 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58783 Scholomance: Scripted and loot corrected for the following NPCs: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58822 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58823 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=58757 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59467 Scarlet Halls: Scripted http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=65379. Mogu'shan Vaults: Fixed loot of The Stone Guard. Battlegrounds Implement blizz-like AFK system in the works. Will remain disabled until polished for release. Players kicked by AFK reports will no longer leave battleground instantly, instead will receive http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=43680 debuff, which will give them time to re-join the battle. General Spells Fixed an exploit with pets’ stacking buffs. Fixed exploit with excessive pet spawns. Resolved an issue with knockback while in confused state (e.g http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=2094). Add support for overridden spells when prohibiting spell schools. Fixed potion cooldowns triggered by combat loss, which didn’t trigger cooldown when used out of combat. Channelled spells will no longer be cancelled upon target leaving line of sight. Fixed exploit with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=101085. Corrected the chances of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=101085. PPM-based procs will no longer be checked for cooldowns. PPM-based procs will no longer be able to proc again while the triggered aura is still active. Fixed PPM procs for non-equipped items (e.g http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=103643). Spread effects (e.g http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=50842) will now apply a fresh debuff to nearby targets, rather than copy the old one. Fix stackable proc auras (e.g http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=137596). http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=148233 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=146176 trinket procs will now proc from direct healings and also HoTs. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=105877 will now be removed when the item set bonus is gone. Implement a generic solution for removing triggered auras when their origin auras are removed, e.g itemsets and their bonuses. Corrected the PPM chance for item procs from creatures’ attacks (e.g http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=95344). Fixed stacking issue with Guardian & Battle Elixir. Corrected cast speed and global cooldown reduction formula by haste. Warrior Correct http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=112048's rage consumption. Correct war banners’ health points (30% from caster’s). Add http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=23881 5.4 hotfix (+20% damage). Death Knight Correct http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=49028 damage. Druid Fixed exploit with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=110309's buffs on multiple targets. Solve issue with abnormally high healing amounts in feral spec due to Nurturing Instinct http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=33873. Fixed http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=93399 proc conditions. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=144841 will no longer put you in combat. Fixed http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=144841 combo point generation. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=127538 will now be affected by http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=144841. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=78777 will no longer be able to dodge/parry/block/miss. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=88751 will now successfully detonate all summoned mushrooms. Refactor http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=110810, fix DoT damage exploit. Combo points will now decay when out of combat. 1 point every 10 seconds. Hunter Correct damage of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=49966, http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=17253, http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=16827. Correction to damage of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=83381. Fix exploit with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=119410. Pets' taunts will no longer affect bosses. Mage http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=113724 will now be properly stealable by http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=77606. Fixed http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=108853, http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=83853 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=12654 spread effect. Fixed issue where sometimes http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=55342 summons would not properly attack a target. The summon of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=55342 will now attack the target the owner attacks if summon is out of combat. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=140468 will now be affected by http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=110310 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=134735. Monk http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=148187, http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=107270 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=100787 will no longer benefit from spell power. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=139598 will no longer be triggered by http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=101546's heals, and will no longer count the caster as a target. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=107270 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=100787 will no longer include spell power into damage formula. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=116847 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=101546 changes: Duration will be reduced by haste. Heals will no longer heal more than 6 targets per tick. Paladin Fixed a bug where some spells were able to penetrate Divine Shield http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=642. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=46499 will no longer bypass healing reductions such as http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=110310. Shaman Fix damage exploit with http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=58859. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=8024 will no longer proc from triggered spells. Correct damage formula of http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=8024. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=17364 will now stack for different casters. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73921 will no longer consume http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=118473. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=29264 will now only inherit AP from the owner, instead of AP and SP. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73685 will now affect http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73920 properly. Fix http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73920 abnormally high healing amounts. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73921's secondary ticks will no longer proc http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73685. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=31331 will now inherit only 50% from owner’s attack power, instead of 100% of attack power and spell power. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=16213's 25% healing increase will no longer affect Healing Rain http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=73921 Warlock http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=103964 will now refresh http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=146739 with recalculated amount and duration. Priest http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=120517 will no longer heal enemies or deal damage to allies. Fix http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=33333 being removed after first proc. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=109142 will now proc from HoTs. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=49821 will now be affected by http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=77486. Rogue http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=22482 will no longer trigger poison application to other targets. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=115189 will no longer proc from http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=14189. Shadow Focus http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=108209 will now properly proc with Vanish http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=11327. Prevent automatic removal of Stealth http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=1784 after http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=11327 breaks. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/spell=130493 will now properly increase damage by 50%. Combo points will now decay when out of combat. 1 point every 10 seconds. Creatures Fixed issue with Giant type creature which model could be copied. Kun Lai Scripted the following NPCs: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59538 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=5982 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=61475 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59790. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59806 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59805 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=59452 Dread Wastes Scripted the following NPCs: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62077 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62143 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=50356 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62301 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62203 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62843 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62755 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62754 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62832 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62833 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=44775 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=62758 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=67138 Quests Kun Lai Scripted the following quests: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=30602 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=30603 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=30600 Dread Wastes Scripted the following quests: http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31002 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31235. http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31003 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31076 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31072 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31074 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31133 http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31077 Isle of Thunder Scripted http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=32265. Scarlet Monastery Scripted http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31513 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=31515. Noblegarden Fixed prerequisites for http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=13479 and http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=13480. Love is in the Air Fixed http://mop.cavernoftime.com/quest=24638. Items Fixed http://mop.cavernoftime.com/item=88381. Fixed http://mop.cavernoftime.com/item=21745. GameObjects Timeless Fixed exploit with https://wowhead.com/object=223203/piedra-del-desafiante that allowed players to summon http://mop.cavernoftime.com/npc=73666 with no cooldown. Noblegarden Fixed egg spawn duplicity. Eggs will have a chance to turn you into a rabbit when you open them now. Professions Fix skill level gain from 550+ veins. Mining veins with required skill level above your skill level will no longer increase your skill level.
  9. We cannot make it from BFA to BFA for the same reason we cannot give level 120 with Boris: ndue to the questlines and unlocking content, which is necessary for the character's progression.
  10. Following our last post about what's awaiting you in our new expansion Battle for Azeroth, many seem to still have questions about some of the features and systems. Most of the questions are related to the copy of your characters from Sylvanas to Sethraliss, and we are here to answer all of them! Let's get started. First and foremost, your characters will be copied. All of them, for free! This means that all the content you have on Legion will still be there. We are not forcing you to switch to Battle for Azeroth. With that being said, the progress you do on Sylvanas after the Copy moment (Copy will be done on the 15th at midnight CET) won't be updated on Sethraliss! Now for common questions that we have seen on the forums: Gold Gold limitation is indeed 10k gold per character. We have some limitations applied to prevent exploits. Our goal is to avoid Sylvanas’s huge inflation to also switch to Sethraliss. Items, bag and bank content Characters will keep their items, bags and bank content that they had on Sylvanas. Account bound data All the account bound data such as mounts, pets, titles, transmogs and artifact skins you have gathered in Sylvanas will be also copied over to Sethraliss. Guild Banks Guild bank gold and their content will be wiped. Migrations Migrations won't be available at the start but we expect to implement them soon! At least from other Legion servers. We won't do it at the start from other BFA private servers for balancing reasons. Future transfers We will allow players to copy again in the future at their own will! Characters already copied won't be able to be copied again. Greymane? We are not going to copy the characters from Greymane since Greymane is a fun PvP realm with instant level ups and other fun type realm features! Sethraliss falls under the rule of a progressive realm type with x3 rates (same as Sylvanas). Therefore, it's only fair we do not copy Greymane's database over to it. Why only copy from Sylvanas? Our players have the freedom to copy from any realm to Sylvanas. It felt right to only copy Sylvanas since its a direct progressive line. Legion → Battle for Azeroth. We hope this post makes things clear to everyone. If you have further questions leave them on the thread and we will add them to the main post. Thank you all and good luck on your adventures on Sethraliss! The Firestorm Staff
  11. The closed Beta of Battle for Azeroth (BFA) has been launched on February 11, welcoming hundreds of players to try it in early access. We thank all of them for helping us fixing different types of issues along the weeks and it is now time to officially announce the Sethraliss realm! The realm opens its doors on March 16 at 2:00pm CET A whole new realm named Sethraliss will be available for Battle for Azeroth next week. If you wish to have a glimpse of the new expansion of World of Warcraft you can already participate to the open Beta available until Friday, 15 March. The realm of the open Beta will then be deleted, as well as any character progression done on the server. Summary of the content Account Every character on Sylvanas will be copied to Sethraliss. Players will keep all their gear along with a maximum of 10,000 golds per character. Guilds will be saved but guilds' banks will be cleared out. PvE Two new allied races: Dark Iron Dwarf and Mag'har Orc. Four fully available zones (the two last zones will be completed later). Eight dungeons will be available at launch (the two last dungeons will be added later). No raid at launch. Addition of the heart of Azeroth. PvP Two new arenas will be available at launch, as well as a rework of arena. War mode will include air supply drops and the Dueler’s Guild. Prestige has been deleted and the maximum level of honor has been increased to 500 (honor is reset for every player of the realm). Professions Application of the professions rework. Removal of the profession First Aid. Other New mounts, pets and items. Get the collector mounts for free (Gilded Ravasaur and Seabraid Stallion) by logging in during the launch weekend. Content to come First raid Mythic season Arena season World Bosses Get Battle for Azeroth To install the full client of Battle for Azeroth you will need 52 GB of free disk space. You will also need a torrent software (µTorrent, Bittorent or Transmission for Mac) to download the BFA client (version 8.0.1 28153). You can also download BFA through the minimal client to enjoy the expansion more quickly or use the Firestorm launcher. You can already download Battle for Azeroth to play on the open Beta or to be ready for March 16: Download Battle for Azeroth Every character on Sylvanas (Legion) will be copied to the realm. On Sethraliss you will keep all of your gear and unlock content -only your gold will be lowered to start the new expansion. Every character will be transferred with a maximum of 10,000 golds in their inventory. It will avoid giving some players an unfair advantage that would unbalance the realm's economy. Guilds will be saved but the entire content of Guild's banks will be cleared out (items and golds). You will have the opportunity to start the adventure with one of your already existing character from Sylvanas or from scratch with a whole new character. On Battle for Azeroth the maximum level is 120 and every statistics of the game have been lowered (some items have also been deleted or edited): your characters and gear statistics will then all be lowered and some of your items may have been removed or edited (ex: mythic keystone or depleted items like artifact power tokens). PvE Content - Player vs Environment To start the main quest of Battle for Azeroth you will have to travel to the capital city of your faction: Stormwind and Orgrimmar. The first quest of the expansion will automatically launch once you arrive. New races Two new allied races come with Battle for Azeroth: Dark Iron Dwarf for the Alliance and Mag'har Orc for the Horde. Those two races will be immediately available and you will start at level 20 instead of level 1. Once you reach level 110 on the Dark Iron Dwarf or the Mag'har Orc you will receive a unique appearance set as well as the mount exclusive to this race. New zones Two new continents will be available in Battle for Azeroth, each with its own zones. On each continent, two zones out of three will be entirely available at the launch of Sethraliss: Zandalar, new continent for the Horde: Nazmir and Zuldazar Kul'Tiras, new continent for the Alliance: Tiragarde Sound and Drustvar Each available zone offers all of the quests (main & secondary), emissaries and world quests. Nevertheless, you can freely travel through Vol'dun and Stormsong Valley and set up the war campaign camp. You will need to set up the 3 war campaign camps (one on each zone of the opposing faction) to get access to emissaries and world quests. Vol'dun and Stormsong Valley will soon be entirely available. Dungeons At the launch of Sethraliss, 8 dungeons will be available (out of 10): Zandalar: Atal'Dazar, The MOTHERLODE!!!, The Underrot, Temple of Sethraliss Kul'Tiras: Freehold, Tol Dagor, Shrine of the Storm, Waycrest Manor The dungeons King's Rest and Siege of Boralus will be added later when the rest of the war campaign will be available. You can watch the replays from the team's streams during the closed Beta here. Raid Raid is currently in development and will be added later. The available raid will be Uldir (first wing). The heart of Azeroth The heart of Azeroth is a new feature from Battle for Azeroth which use the same system as the Artifact weapon of Legion. You obtain it at the beginning of the expansion and you can upgrade it gradually during your progression by collecting azerite (more informations here). PvP content - Player vs Player Arenas Two new arenas will be added with this expansion: Mugambala and Hook Point. The Nagrand arena will also get a rework. The arena season will start with the launch of Mythic . No ranking will be available at the launch of Sethraliss. War mode War mode will be available in Battle for Azeroth with a few new features: air supply drop and Dueler's Guild. When this mode is active you get 10% of experience, reputation point, golds, azerite and war resources. In war mode, a plane travels in the sky and regularly drops a crate full of rewards (only on BFA continents). Members of each faction then have to fight to get control over it in order to claim their personal loot (limited time). The Dueler's Guild is a new PvP feature which allows 1v1 combats to obtain achievements. Go to Zuldazar for the Horde and Boralus for the Alliance to participate (more informations here). Prestige and honor Prestige has been removed in Battle for Azeroth and the honor level has been increased to 500. Now bound to the account, the honor level will be reset for every player. Professions The experience system of the professions got a rework in Battle for Azeroth: hence all players' professions levels will be copied and transformed accordingly. Every plans you learned will be kept. The profession First Aid has been removed (talk to the instructors of Tailoring and Alchemy to find the recipes). Classes and spells Every class and spell were tested for several months and are now at a very advanced state. They are now currently in balancing phase (changelog BFA). Other Battle for Azeroth also have some new mounts, pets and items that you will discover in game. Every player logging in during the launch weekend* of Battle for Azeroth will get the collector mounts Gilded Ravasaur of the Horde and Seabraid Stallion of the Alliance, for free (account bound). *Offer available from Saturday, 16 March 2:00pm CET to Sunday, 17 March 11:59pm CET. Content to come First content update Second content update Third content update Raid: Uldir (first wing) Mythic season Arena season World Bosses Dungeons: King's Rest and Siege of Boralus Rest of war campaign chapters Zones: Vol’dun and Stormsong Valley Island Expeditions Warfront
  12. Account banned due to Chargeback - How to proceed now If you are looking at this, probably it's due that your account has been banned. The main reason is because you performed a Gamepoints.mx (now Gamepoints.xyz) donation (paying using PayPal), you redeemed the code with the points, you spent the points, and after that, you asked for a refund to PayPal or the donation wasn't processed successfully (lack of funds, cancellation, etc...). This is considered an abuse of the system, and while this means permanent ban, we have a solution for this. If you want to get your account unbanned so you can play again, you need to follow the next steps in order: Contact PayPal and/or your payment provider and check what happened with your donation: why it didn't go through, or why did it get refunded. Complete the donation correctly or, if the refund was done on purpose, repeat the donation so you get the same points or more that you donated previously. Make a shop ticket informing about this. If the new donation covers the debt of the previous one, we will adjust your points amount and we will unban your account. Have a nice day. The Firestorm Staff
  13. Greetings, Firestorm community! As we previously announced, on February 7th the Quality Assurance Team did a Livestream on our Closed Beta for BFA showing all the working content and features we currently have implemented there. In case you missed the livestream, or if you just want to rewatch it, don't worry! We got you covered! Also, if you want to jump to a certain point on the video, you can just click on one of the following links and it will open the video on a new tab on the precise moment where the feature is being explained: TIMESTAMPS Countdown 0:00 Intro 1:30:00 Heart of Azeroth Quest line: Hour of Reckoning 1:36:03 The Battle for Lordaeron 1:37:32 A Dying World 1:39:55 The Heart of Azeroth 1:50:22 Infusing the Heart 1:52:42 The Speaker's Imperative 1:54:42 Zandalar Quest line: Mission Statment 1:57:37 The Stormwind Extraction 1:59:32 Welcome to Zuldazar 2:04:41 Rastakhan 2:06:32 Speaker of the Horde 2:10:31 Discreet Discussions 2:11:57 To Matters at Hand 2:15:06 We Need Each Other 2:15:40 Zuldazar 2:19:26 Trust of a King 2:19:41 Tal'Gurub 2:21:18 The Port Of Zandalar 2:21:27 Needs a Little Body // The Urn of Voices 2:29:45 Fuel for the Voodoo 2:30:13 Rare mob: Gahz'ralka 2:34:18 Dungeon - Atal'Dazar: Trash Trash 1 - To the first boss 2:38:43 Trash 2 - To the second boss 2:45:03 Trash 3 - Way to the end boss 2:58:28 Bosses Boss 1 - Priestess Alun'za 2:43:43 Boss 2 - Vol'Kaal 2:49:33 Boss 3 - Rezan 2:56:00 Boss 4 - Yazma 2:59:53 Duel Area: Battle against Cybra 3:05:38 Battle against Cybra Nr2 3:07:38 Battle against Sketter 3:10:55 Air Drop: Air Drop Looting 2:23:48 Extra info: War Campaign 2:16:54 Level up and select trait 2:24:20 Firestorm Staff: Special thanks 3:17:28 Have a nice day!
  14. We don't know yet, but if possible, we will implement it.
  15. Hello everyone, It's been a few months since Battle for Azeroth was released, and although our players asked us to launch the expansion as quickly as possible, we had decided to finish Legion’s primary content first. As time went by, and as we were reaching the end of it with Antorus release, developers have gradually shifted towards BFA, and have been working on several aspects: Stats formulas, Classes, Quests, PVE content and Expansion features among others. Our goal is simple: Making sure our new Battle for Azeroth realm has the most content at release, with the highest quality available. We are close to that goal today and we feel like it's time to give our community the opportunity to try themselves what we have been working on. In order to achieve that, we are launching a Closed Beta realm and we will give access to players who want to help us test the expansion and give us feedback. Players will have all their Legion players available on this realm, so they will be able to test all the BFA content, dungeons, classes, mechanics… everything! The closed beta begins on February 11th. Players willing to help us test the realm will be able to apply for access from the Account Management Page. We will be giving access to players that applied in waves. All selected players for the closed beta will receive a mail on their Firestorm email address informing them. The progress on the Closed Beta won’t count towards the progress on the Live realm. The point is to test the content and report the issues, not to make progress with your copied characters! For obtaining the BFA client, players will have a full guide on the forum and on the website giving them several options to download and install it on different languages. There will be several options for downloading the client on the "Join us" page on the website, as well as on the Firestorm launcher! It will be added this week. Meanwhile, you can download the client using one of the following links: Minimum client for Windows (64 bits only) . Put the wow.exe in the folder you want to download the game and open it. Minimum client for Mac. Uncompress the files on the folder you want to download the game and open the .app file. Full client for Windows (64 bits only) and Mac. You need a TORRENT client in order to be able to open this link properly. Once it's downloaded, uncompress on the folder you want to play and execute wow.exe. For Mac users, there's a zip file inside the downloaded client called WoW Mac.zip. Uncompress it inside the Game client and execute Warcraft.app in order to be able to play. Do not forget that BFA client will be needed for the PTR Closed Beta Realm and later on for the Live Realm, so you will need it in order to play! If you ever find any glitch or issue while playing on the Closed Beta PTR Realm, you will be able to report them on our bugtracker so we can fix it before the release of the BFA Live Realm, Sethraliss. General Classes We have been working on the scripting and balancing of the classes since early September and kept reviewing them because we know how important it is: so far, more than 500 fixes have been made on spells alone, including damage / healing values, interactions with other spells, and hotfixes. The QA team has been working with the developers in order to provide you with the best experience possible when you are playing your class. You can see their work on the Live Changelog. Stats Formulas We updated our templates so that each race, class, and spec has the most accurate values possible across the board: from your primary stat to your dodge and parry chances, your haste scalings, your block chances and damage reduction, or your auto attack damage, everything was reviewed and updated to be as reliable as possible. New Allied Races Dark Iron Dwarves and Mag'har Orcs are unlocked without any requirements! Once you get to level 120 with the race you will also unlock the transmog set and mount! Azerite Traits and Gear: The Heart of Azeroth unlocks the ability to unlock Azerite Traits on new kind of Armor, This new type of gear is fully implemented and almost all sources of obtention will be available at release. We will then implement all other sources (weekly mythic chest, the new weekly PvP chest, world bosses and the first raid, Uldir). All traits are scripted. Learn more about them here: https://www.wowhead.com/heart-of-azeroth-azerite-traits-guide Player versus Environment Zones: On BFA, there will be 2 main cities for each faction, and they will be fully available at the release: Zuldazar for the Horde. Tiragarde Sound for the Alliance There will be a secondary zone of each new continent, Nazmir and Drustvar. Inside each available zone, you will be able to complete all the quests and chapters of the main storylines, fight against rare creatures, find lost treasures and also the world quests once you unlock them. The zones of Stormsong Valley and Vol'dun are still under development and will be released later. We will make announcements when the zones are ready to be implemented. You will be able to report any issues regarding these zones on our bug tracker. Dungeons: Fully scripted Dungeons and available when the Closed Beta opens: Freehold Waycrest Manor Atal'Dazar The Underrot Shrine of the Storm Under development and testing expected to be available during beta tests: The Motherlode Temple of Sethraliss Under development and testing expected to be available at launch on Live: Kings’Rest (Mythic+) Will come after release: Siege of Boralus (Mythic+) Tol Dagor Player versus Player Battlegrounds, Arenas and Skirmishes All currently available battlegrounds on Legion will be accessible at the launch of the realm. Two new arenas: Hook Point, Mugambala, and the remastered version of Nagrand arena will also be implemented. The ranked brackets will be up once the PvP season starts. The War Mode In Battle For Azeroth, the distinction between PvP and PvE in the open world no longer exists. It is replaced by a new game mode that can be activated or deactivated, which is called the War Mode: War mode is the new wild PvP mode of Battle for Azeroth. By activating the war mode, you will only meet players in war mode. In this mode, your PvP talents will still be active no matter where you are. Doing quests in war mode will give you bonuses to experience and rewards. Killing players in war mode will grant you Conquest Points. To activate or deactivate the war mode and choose your Honor Talents, you will have to be in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, according to your faction. Once activated, your Honor talents will also be active all the time, whether you are engaged in PvP combat or not. War mode offers a new way to engage wild PvP in BFA. In addition to activating your PvP abilities, this game mode allows you to kill players of the opposing faction and offers bonuses when becoming the assassin as well. The assassins who killed the most players (10+) will have bigger bounties for their heads. You can freely attack and be attacked by the players of the opposite faction. The item level of your equipment is adapted to not create too big imbalances between the players. If you successfully defeat 10 consecutive players, you become an assassin, increasing your damage and healing by 15%. If you kill a lot of players, your position will appear on the enemy’s player map and your head will worth a bounty. Regularly in war mode, a Horde Zeppelin will drop a crate on an area of Kul'Tiras and a flying machine of the Alliance on Zandalar. Such as games like "Battle Royale", you will have to go to the location of the supply crater to loot its content. Which means that the drop zone will be extremely dangerous, you will have to be ready to fight! To learn more, refer to this guide here. Dueler’s guild: a 1vs1 arena feature! This is one of the big news for PvP on BFA: you can now make the arena solo and you can fight directly other players. Several rewards will be available, such as high-facts, titles and tabards. You will need to be at level 120 and have War Mode enabled to be eligible for this feature. NPCs will be located in the Duelist Guild, in Boralus for the Alliance, and in Zuldazar for the Horde. To join the queue for the duel arena, you will need to contact the Guards of the Dueler’s Guild to play it. Once in the queue, you will be able to move around the area’s headquarters, but do not go too far or else you will lose your slot. After a while, two players are called into the arena to fight against each other, and a countdown of 15 seconds will be triggered to indicate the start of the duel. This outside zone is vulnerable to attacks by the opposite faction, although the guards will try to defend it during your match. War Campaign Fight and conquer the territories of the opposing faction, establish outposts and recruit allies to claim territory. Rewards will be given as you progress! You will be able to follow your war campaign missions in real time at the top right corner of the quest log. The upgrades for the war campaign will be available after level 114. They will cost war resources and give your character various bonuses into the open world or certain game modes. Just like Warlords of Draenor garrison missions or Legion's class hall missions, you can send champions and troops to complete them for you, using war resources. War resources are the main currency of the campaigns. You can get some by completing quests, by finding treasure chests and World quests (which will be available at level 120). The bases of the war campaigns are located inside warships placed at the capitals of Kul'Tiras and Zandalar. They will unlock many features of the expansion and will offer various rewards. There are two military campaigns: one for the Alliance, one for the Horde. These will be the main chain quests of this new expansion, just like Legion's class field campaigns. We hope our community enjoys this new expansion and we will keep doing our best to provide you with the best services and content The Firestorm Staff