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With our Open Beta Test realm opening, you will need a new client to connect ! Do not worry, we made it as simple as possible for you to do so, no headache guaranteed !

If you want to be able to play as soon as you get access, we advise you to download your client in advance ! Many players will be downloading it, which may slow the process so the earlier you get ready the better !

NB: The full client downloads every game data right away: it takes longer to download and requires a soft like bittorent, but once it's done you will have the whole game ready. The minimal client is smaller, faster to download, but will then download missing datas as you're playing, slowing you down and extending your loading times


  • You have Retail's Shadowlands Client in 9.1.5 version (which is the one we're using):
    • Clone your Folder into a new one, called for example "FS Shadowlands"
    • Download the Firestorm Shadowlands .exe here: (it is compressed in a .rar)
    • Open your FS Shadowlands client folder, place the .rar you just downloaded at the root (not in the '_retail_' subfolder), and extract it.
    • Click on your new .exe and you're on!
  • You are using the launcher:
    • Just start it, and you will see the Shadowlands section on the bottom left: press download ! Launcher will be added soon !
  • You don't have the game yet:


Please note: The first time you will open the FS Shadowlands client, if it wasn't downloaded from the full torrent nor by the launcher, it will take a bit of time (depending on your connexion speed) to download the missing files, but in the meantime nothing will appear on your screen, that's normal ! Do not open it 43 times, just once and then wait a bit. Once it's done, you will be fully set up!



Unfortunately Firestorm will not support Mac OS for its Shadowlands expansion. We advise you to use a Windows Virtual Machine if you can, or to find another alternative!

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